Easy activation of windows! How to activate Windows for 1 minute

My last article in which I uploaded images of blank discs with Windows proved to be quite popular and in demand. I promised that I will tell how to activate windows with your own hands without windows 10 activation key any problems. After activation of the Windows Activator which is described in the article, you will get a fully legal operating system, which will receive windows 10 updates (with the exception of Windows XP that is no longer supported by Microsoft).

Of course, activate windows for free, but it’s not legal. So I want to warn you, I am in no way encourage you to do all these procedures, because they violate the windows 10 license key terms for Windows. The purpose of my article was purely exploratory in nature and whatever you do you do at your own risk.

All warned, you can now and go to work. For many years of work with Windows operating systems, I have tried a lot of different kinds of activators and “brakers” activations. However, for a long time already I use a tool that has proven itself as the best Activator. It is called the KMSAuto Net. In the network there are millions of links on the activator, however, in the vast majority of cases, together with the activation of Windows, in your computer, you receive the “wonderful neighbor” in the form of virus or rootkit.

I suggest you download the windows 10 Activator KMSAuto Net from our site for free and without SMS)). Of course not for direct use on the destination and only for the personal acquaintance

To activate windows, you need to download the archive, extract it using the password “delpcru” go to folder and run the file KMSAuto Net

Together with activator and opens the file with instructions. By and large, you can simply click the “activate” button and wait for the message about successful activation. This, in principle, be enough

But if you’re like I am curious, you can open the “about” tab and click on the “Professional” mode buy windows key online

In this mode, you can activate, for example, and even Microsoft Office products.

Using this activator, you can activate windows 7 and activate windows 10. After activation, you must restart the computer. After rebooting your computer will be completely windows 10 product key generator 2016 ready to go! Now you should not encounter issues how to activate Windows.

P.s. before unpacking the archive with activator and immediately before running the antivirus installed on your computer should be turned off. Otherwise, the activator is either deleted or locked option to run. Antivirus detects activator as potentially dangerous software.

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