Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Earlier this month, Microsoft agreed to suspend a long period of denial from Microsoft Office for Mac updates. In the fifth year after the release of the last update of Office for Mac 2011 the Corporation reported that in the second half of this year, users of devices from Apple will be able to install the new version of Office suite.

Anyone currently owner “Apple” computer or notebook can download the beta version of the product from the Microsoft website absolutely free of charge. Bearing in mind that this is only a provisional Assembly, it is still operating a limited feature set, however the basics you can use the product now.
Today we decided to study a new package of Bole and evaluate its pros and cons, to understand what users after the official release of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016, and what benefits will bring a new Office suite owners of MacBook, iMac and other Apple-logo.

Of the main and most visible at the first sight of changes I would like to mention the appearance of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 new tool to create notes called OneNote. The application is very similar to the popular among users zametochnik Evernote and has similar features.
The new Office was optimized for Retina displays, which nowadays are equipped with office 2016 mac key activation almost all latest models of computers from Apple.
We remind that you can install only the free beta version of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016, and after his final release for use by applications included in the package, you will need to have a subscription to Office 365.

After a short installation process and warning that the program would require nearly 5.5 Gb hard disk space, users will be available for pre-release versions of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft PowerPoint.
Microsoft Word
An updated version of the Microsoft Word turned out to be more accurate than the previous one. Now the toolbar located at the top of the page, you can hide it by double clicking on the tab, if at this time you do not need to make any changes in text formatting. Thus, increasing office 2016 pro plus product key the working field applications and while typing you can not get distracted by settings.

However, you can not hide all toolbars. So, the information line at the bottom of the document and Markup toolbar at the top left on the field anyway.
In addition, tangible change was the ability to collaborate on a document with other users. This feature is implemented like the similar features in Google Drive. The author of the document need only add other users for general reference or specify their email address and they will be able to join the viewing and editing of the document, as well as leave comments about the changes.

In the new version of Microsoft Word for Mac introduced the ability office 2016 product key generator to compress the file size. Now your application can reduce the size of images, with the best offers several options for sending the document by mail, viewing on screen or printing.
Microsoft Excel
After you upgrade Microsoft Excel will also collaborate on tables for multiple users.

In addition, Excel adds new statistical formulas, as well as moved the hotkey combination from the Windows version. Despite this, the combination you are accustomed to using a Mac will also remain.
Microsoft OneNote
With regard to the application to create OneNote, which first appeared in a beta version of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016, it pleasantly surprises with the features and functionality of the various possibilities.

From the first seconds, use OneNote you understand that the product is designed to create, edit, and store multiple records.
The application allows you to Group notes, creating a collection of different levels. For example, you can create your notepads, sheet sets, sheet sets — — page. Unpleasant discovery was only that you cannot move the binder from one notebook to another (although the page between binders you can move).


Microsoft Outlook
In this application, Microsoft decided not to undertake fundamental changes towards renewal, which became available in November last year.

Even then, the Outlook has received an updated Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac  user interface with improved scrolling and toggling between tabs, support online archives when searching for mail for Exchange, support the main list of topics and advanced access to the list of categories (name and color), office 2016 product key sale synchronization between Mac, Windows, and OWA support push notifications when e-mail delivery, as well as increased the speed of the first launch and downloading e-mail with improved Exchange synchronization Web Service.
In addition, the performance has been improved and improved product reliability.
Microsoft PowerPoint
Updated application received no changes in the process of creating presentations, and in the view of ready-made slides. Now you can easily transfer between screens and in a separate window, open the tagging to the current slide and the next thumbnail. Everything else was also added a few new animations and effects Control Panel is changed.

Summing up, I would like to mention that the new Office suite for Mac got a pleasing and important changes while in beta, not all features are available for each of the applications and their work can be seen to be flawed.
However, it is worth remembering that the whole package is still under development and beta testing, so it is likely that by the time the official release many inaccuracies and flaws in his work will be eliminated.